vCoD is a web-based e-learning event management application to support internal training activities within an organisation. Real time video lectures are supported by multimedia and communication technologies. vCoD offers a video library, a knowledge base, a virtual classroom environment and a chat room which is available during the time of lectures. The application can be…


This software application is essential, where an effective co-operation is needed between team members and organisations to perform their tasks and manage their processes. The Work4mance application package can completely or partially automate business processes, where information, events and tasks are shared by a range of participants and corporate roles having different management authorisation levels….


VETFUSION is a new online veterinary application, which can effectively support diagnostical and treatment works of veterinary professionals. The software is a useful tool for veterinarians and medical students to build their knowledge of diagnostic imaging used in medical and veterinary practices. Main modules are: Atlas of Anatomy Digital Gallery of Diseases Consultation Knowledge base…


Several companies still lack innovative support of internal and management processes, not measuring important details. Occupatos performance management system offers a new style of a solution, to measure and evaluate performance, to show companies the real picture about existing problems and efficiency level. The new examination methods built into the system enables Occupatos to process…


The Medical Simulation Training Frameset (SimEduSmart) is a training system to support interactive and practical medical training by using a high fidelity patient simulator and multimedia environment. SimEduSmart offers effective technologies and an interactive environment for all participants (doctors, nurses) to get prepared for not foreseen situations in medical treatment, in general and military healthcare….