We develop sector, activity and process-specific applications for our industrial clients, which is often supported by the upgrade of their IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Exchange migration (2007->2013) and upgrading for SEFAG Ltd

NETIS Ltd designed the migration of existing Microsoft Exchange 2007 based emailing system, system engineering management of the migration process, writing the necessary scripts and the documentation of migration. NETIS supplied the necessary Microsoft licence as well.

Client: SEFAG Ltd.
Year of Implementation: 2017.

Designing complex IT infrastructure for MVM Paks II. Ltd. (new Nuclear Power Plant)

During implementation high availability solutions were provided (server, virtualisation, firewall, LAN, backup), while NETIS also supplied necessary Microsoft licences for implementation.

Client: MVM PAKS II. Ltd.
Year of Implementation: 2017.

R&D development for Meleghegyi és Társa Kft.

Services and Development work for company named Meleghegyi és társa Gépgyártó, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság („Meleghegyi and Partner Machine Manufacturing, Trade and Service Ltd”) in project named as „Research and Development of Intelligent Optical Disk Part Recognition and Laser Marker Device”

Client: Meleghegyi és Társa Kft.
Year of Implementation: 2016-2017.

Software Development for Kincsem Park

NETIS developed the WEB-based information system of the existing data set for Hungarian Racehorse Betting Ltd. The following platforms were used: ASP.NET, MVC Framework and MS SQL databases.

Magyar Lóversenyfogadást-szervező Kft.
Year of Implementation: 2015.

IT consultancy for Hungarian Public Road Non-Profit PLC

At Magyar Közút NETIS and Stratis Kft worked on the project of integrated road network operation (INTUT) in a consortium. Development work to elaborate architecture concept, business process workflow design and log in ARIS system, support of development and implementation and preparation of creating adequate rules and regulations.

Client: Stratis Kft.
Year of Implementation: 2015 and 2016.

Supplying and implementation of complex IT infrastructure for SEFAG Ltd.

NETIS Ltd completed the modernisation of IT infrastructure, the plan of system-and implementation, supplied and implemented the system elements for SEFAG Ltd. The implementation included the following: servers, operational systems, virtualisation, migration, design of data saving solutions, antivirus protection, managed network solution, integrated firewall and WiFi system

Client: SEFAG Ltd.
Year: 2014 and 2015.

Implementation of elements of passenger information system for Balaton Integration and Development Agency

As the subcontractor of i-Cell Kft, NETIS completed the system engineering and installation plans of the installed passenger information system and the installed hardvare infrastructure. Furthermore, NETIS supplied and installed the central IT modules necessary for system operation. NETIS provided softwares and prepared the masks appearing on screen.

Client: i-Cell Kft.
Year of Implementation: 2015.

Ferihegy (now Liszt Ferenc) Airport, Budapest 101-201/TE 2A-2B project

As a project subcontractor of Telvill Kft, NETIS completed design and planning work, and prepared complete technical documentation for the locus and installation of the new low voltage IT network, the new IP TV network of existing 101-201/TE 2A-2B airport terminals and the new central building complex (Sky Court/Plaza, TE 2A, 2B, B TIER) of Ferihegy (now Liszt Ferenc) Airport, Budapest.

Main contractor: Tellvill Kft.
Client: Budapest Airport Zrt.
Year of implementation: 2009-2012.

DATOLYA – Development of a web-based application

Netis Zrt. was responsible for all stages of the software development process. A complete web-based application was prepared for the Client, which was capable for data entries, data storage, creating reports and summaries. The full specification, the complete development, the developer’s tests and bug correction were carried out by Netis staff, while Netis was also responsible for preparing the complete documentation (user and operation manuals) and provision of user training.
For this development the following platforms were used: ASP.NET, MVC Framework and MS SQL databases.

Client: DatolyaMAG Kft
Year: 2014.