SME’ solution, Enterprise File Fabric securely unifies disconnected data nodes in the company, regardless where data is stored – on premise or in the cloud – while providing a transparent data view for easy data audit, compliance, and governance.

Before the world of internet data management of businesses was relatively easy, as everything was stored on the computer or an external hard drive. With the appearance of cloud-based file sharing services employees started storing their data on cloud services, because it was easier to share data, to collaborate. This behavior was unsanctioned, overlooked by companies and led to a rampant sprawl across data services in almost any company.

Secure storage of shared company data poses a big challenge for the IT division and the business continuity itself. From one hand information is scattered across data repositories on premise, in the private/public cloud, or on file servers. Companies have to cope with increasing compliance legislation, be it national data protection laws or GDPR. Moreover, on the other hand, users want fast, secure and reliable access to valid company data from all devices (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet) and platforms.

Many questions arise:

How can employees find the right files at the right time which are dispersed across on premise and on cloud storage?

How can we ensure that data is compliant to legislation such as GDPR?

How can companies protect and recover quickly from ransomware attacks?

How can we search across all our data?

How can we encrypt and protect sensitive data on-site an on-cloud?

How can we best integrate and secure cloud data stores, such as S3/Azure, in our workflow?

How can we speed up transfers to and from the cloud?

How can we make it easier for compliance offices to track and report data access?

How can we work as a team and collaborate across disparate data sets?

How can we rapidly discover data leak and unauthorized usage?

SME provides a transparent solution with Enterprise File Fabric to all these challenges.

SME provides a solution to this complex problem by unifying business, governmental and end users data storage solutions (on-premise and cloud-based alike) in one converged data infrastructure. This solution is a unified content repository for all company data, that helps enterprises, governmental agencies comply with the ever-changing data protection (GDPR) legislation landscape.

SME’s mission is to provide a unified standard approach to secure and integrated data management that meets two main business challenges:

A unified data management platform

SME provides a centralized data management platform for all combination of on-premise and cloud-based data storage solutions while securing consistent audit and management tools across all devices.

Enterprise solution

SME provides cloud-like economics across a company’s storage portfolio unlocking the benefits and cost-efficiency of their data assets, whereas providing strict controls and governance for legislative compliance and security concerns. With a single sign-on (SSO) approach SME enables a reliable and secure platform for file governance, audit, compliance and business continuity.

It does not matter what storage system a company is using; the SME’s solution can unify them into a single pane of glass view for management and access. Once configured, the solution can be transparently used with existing user productivity applications such as Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 and Libre Office. In the background, SME’s solution is accelerating file transfers to end-user while enforcing existing policies, providing an active archive for ransomware protection and auditing interaction across data sets and ensuring legislative compliance and governance.

Accessing data is as easy as changing directories; moving data is as simple as a drag-and-drop between systems. Data events across all systems are logged and audited. Moreover, data is also checked to ensure that personal information is not being accidentally exposed. Everything occurs transparently to the end-users. SME provides full end-to-end security and compliant solution for all corporate data no matter where it is stored.

Authors: Zoltan Mathe & Zoltan Gelencser