Our 3-year Horizon2020 Project, ICT4Life, focusing on developing and researching Integrated Care support tools for people with Parkinson/Alzheimer/Dementia to live a more autonomous life, while also providing information, assistance and training for their formal and informal carers as well as professional medical staff. We are delisghted to be part of this project aiming to support thousands of elderly people and their carers across Europe, to live with a chronic condition currently not curable, however, quality of life can be substantially improved.

Netis was a technical partner in the 9 member consortium, led by Spanish Artica Telemedicina, involving research groups, technology teams, umbrella and end user organisations. Our role incorporated software development and testing, system integration as well as technical support for Pilots.  Netis was nominated for the European Commission’s Innovation Radar Prize in „Best early stage innovation” category.

Final tasks include summarising, communication and exploiting results for relevant stakeholders, fine-tune some analytic and visualisation tools, examining opportunities to develop the ICT4Life Platform further and enable next stage commercialisation. Results were presented for a wider audience in Brussels in October, at ICT4Life’s Final Conference.