About netis

NETIS Informatics Ltd.

NETIS offers software and application development with attractive design, system integration and ICT infrastructure services for the needs of private businesses and the public sector. The company has special expertise in developing solutions for the medical sector, while our team also provides state of the art project management in complex projects which are supported by EU funding.
As an innovative provider of sophisticated and complex IT solutions we wish to support our clients by building a bridge between basic IT infrastructure and applications.

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Quality management system

NETIS has introduced a quality management system (ISO 9001:2008). In 2012 we introduced an approved IT Security Management System. The ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certificate was earned in October, 2012.

ISO 9001 certification ISO 27001 certification

The Team

Mr. László Varga

Owner and General Manager of the company. Has a degree in Engineering and Bank IT, and worked previously for companies like LNX (which was later absorbed by T-Systems) and Siemens (IT and Telecommunication Business Unit). A strategic thinker who has a specific knowledge about the Hungarian public sector, especially healthcare and has outstanding sales skills. Also has a vast knowledge about EU-funded project schemes and project administration.

Project management

Ms. Barbara Hegedűs

Office Manager. Runs all administration of NETIS, including precise documentation of our public procurement or EU-funded projects. Barbara is also a logistics expert and manages our internal events and schedules.

Mrs. Klára Tóth Tőrincsiné

Project Manager. Klára is an experienced Project Manager who leads healtcare projects for more than 20 years. Has an engineering degree and led several project teams which were compiled from employees of various companies and consortia.

Ms. Éva Lajkó

Business Development Manager. Has a vast experience in assisting foreign companies in Hungary and develop bilateral business between the UK and Hungary, used to work for UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) for 10 years. Éva is also a regulatory expert (especially in Telecommunications, ICT, Gaming and Media, including relevant EU regulatory issues ) with advanced IT knowledge.

Ms. Mónika Gál

Office and Marketing Manager of our Kaposvár office. A new colleague to manage day-to-day operation of our Kaposvár office, managing local contacts there and taking part in creating our local and international marketing strategy.



Mr. Béla Hanzik

Senior Software Developer. Béla is an experienced software programmer, application developer. Used to work for KÉSZ Ltd., graduated as a Programming Mathematician. Has specific experience in developing complex business software, web-based applications, or applications using various forms of digital imaging, computer graphics or large databases. Experience in the following: MS-SQL, C#, ASP.NET.

Mr. György Lipcsik

Software Developer. György is an experienced software programmer, application developer. Used to work for Siemens. Has specific experience in developing complex business software, web-based applications, or applications using various forms of large databases. Experience in the following: MS-SQL, C#, ASP.NET

Mr. László Hasulyó

Software Developer. László is a software programmer, application developer. Used to work for IT Services . He has experience in the following: C#, ASP.NET MS-SQL, MVC, SharePoint

Mr. Dávid Pesák

Graphic and Web Designer. Dávid is responsible for the look of all our software applications and created our logo and the layout of the NETIS website. By using Dávid’s competence, Netis recently gave a fresh look to the website of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (www.bcch.com). Experience in the following: HTML5, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver


IT Infrastructure

Mr. Zoltán Máthé

System Engineer. He has a key role in our Infrastructure and System Integration projects, planning and implementing complex, smart and sometimes fairly large ICT and communication networks for our clients in Hungary. An expert of Microsoft systems and IT security issues. Zoltán is responsible for project of ISO 27001 or IT policy.


British Chamber Of Commerce In Hungary website design

„The BCCH is proud to have a new website design thanks to Netis Ltd., who have given it a much desired new look that fits in with the Chamber’s other means of communication.”
(Ms. Éva Jónás, Event & Communications Manager, British Chamber Of Commerce In Hungary

Airport project

„During our work we were ascertained that the team of NETIS consists of highly qualified professionals. They completed their work in an efficient, attentive manner always meeting deadlines during the planning of cabling network of the renewed airport terminals and installation of the new IP TV network. "
(Mr. László Ágoston, Managing Director, Telvill)

HuMEDA project

"We are grateful for the high quality project management work of the NETIS Team which they performed during the IT research and development activities in our HuMEDA R+D project."
(Mr. István Vati, Managing Director of Vatner)

Vetfusion project

"It was very important to work with IT developers who can successfully co-operate with veterinary professionals during the development of Vetfusion. We received great help from the highly qualified experts of NETIS to complete our development project successfully. They have developed a user-friendly and efficient web-based online solution by using .NET."
(Mr. István Vati, Managing Director of Vatner)

Fresenius Medical Care infrastructure project

„We are grateful for NETIS for the highly responsible work during the project to implement the central IT infrastructure system in our new Head Office and the dialysis centres operated by our organisation. I would specificaly highlight the praiseworthy attitude, their preparedness at the highest level and the fact they always met the tight deadlines.”
(Mr. Attila Berkes, CEO, Fresenius Medical Care Hungary)